Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Monsul Beach And San Jose.

Another beautiful fine sunny day today so off we went for another visit to San Jose. It is a very easy drive, with good roads into the Park Natural, and no traffic!

San Jose is the nearest location to access some of the best beaches in Spain, which lie next to each other down a 4km dirt track into the mountains. Monsul is the middle of the three, all are secluded. In fact Monsul is so secluded that most of today's sun worshippers were devoid of any clothes at all, aux natural, making it so difficult to concentrate on the job in hand which was to capture our own images in the exact spot where Indiana Jones, (Harrison Ford), and his father, (Sean Connery), were stood when Connery brought down the WW2 fighter plane using nothing more than his umbrella, (and a flock of seagulls).

After we accomplished our mission, which was made difficult due to the position of the sun, (iPad camera), it was off to visit the village of San Jose itself. At this time of year things are very quiet, but there was a good selection of cafes and restaurants open for business.

With fresh bread and doughnuts purchased from a local bakery, it was off home for lunch with our pristine white car now very dusty. Today's temperature topped 30 degrees at noon.

I think I will join the local tradition of siesta this afternoon.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Settled In To Our Autumn Home.

Last year, after spending another two weeks with our friends who spend their entire Winter here, I vowed I would do something that would allow us to do the same. This area of Spain is the only area of Europe that is officially designated as desert. Consequently you can almost guarantee warm sunshine in the Winter with very little rainfall. My aches and pains just disappear while we are here.

Our long term plan was to tour by motorhome, but we are here in a beautiful apartment this year for our extended stay. This was booked last December before we had any real commitment to owning our own motorhome. So here we are, and the motorhome is stored at home, in the able care of our son.

There are dozens of ex-pats who over-winter here, either in apartments, caravans or motorhomes, and I think we now know them all. It is a small, still mainly Spanish community. If you enjoy all those tacky British bars and take away fish and chip shops, then you wouldn't enjoy it here, and it wouldn't be for you - especially if you also did not like dry and barren countryside, as there is also lots of that here in the form of the Cabo de Gata - Nijar Natural Park. That is not to say there are no truly stunning places to visit around here, such as the wonderfully deserted Monsul beach, the location of the Indiana Jones movie scene where Sean Connery downs a WW2 German fighter plane by shooing seagulls into its path with his umbrella. Our favourite secluded place - it is still secret so don't tell anyone!

I hope to post updates of our travels in the local area as we go.

This year's apartment is just spectacular, and about the same price for double the stay as our hotel just up the road last year. We used Hertz for two weeks car rental last year. This year we have used Europecar, provided as part of our scheduled flight booking for about the same price, but for twice as long, and the car is brand new!