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Monday, 13 December 2010

Our interest in the British Canals

I had owned a canal cruiser, a Norman 20, before we were married back in 1974. She was moored on The Lancaster Canal, and I had a great time with her for about 12 months, before selling her in favour of a Fletcher speed boat which I then used for water ski-ing. In the years to come, I married and had two children which put an end to my boating interests for the time being. Thirty years later, in 2005, my wife and I decided we would like to own another boat, thinking this time along the lines of a narrowboat. But, being cautious of the costs involved in this, decided first to buy another cruiser to see if we both still enjoyed the pastime. We found our ideal cruiser, again on the Lancaster Canal, and kept her for three years before investing in our beautiful narrowboat, Kelly Louise, this time in Cheshire, doing much research in that time into exactly what features we wanted. She is a 2004 57 foot semi-traditional, fitted out with the necessary equipment to use her for long term cruising. It is my intention here to record our time with her including all the problems and pitfalls encountered along the way, aswell as documenting the time we spend cruising her. We both share an interest in the heritage of our canal system and consider ourselves lucky to be in a position to share that when we use our boat. I hope the information here is of use to anyone who may be considering investing in their own boat. We have owned her now since March 2009 and had two great cruises on her. This will take it forward from here.

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