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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

An afternoon at ITV studios, Manchester.

I am sorry, but here comes another posting which isn't related to the boat, but what we have been up to in between! Today, at Margaret's request, we found ourselves together once again at the ITV studios in Manchester. This time it was the recording of three episodes of the Channel 4 afternoon TV programme Countdown with Jeff Stelling, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent. Today's Dictionary Corner celebrity was Carol Smillie.....

We always go into Manchester City centre on the train these days, the return fare is much cheaper than the parking charges, and much less hassle! We let the morning rush dissipate and left the car on the station car park near home before the 20 minute train journey to town. On arrival I was dragged around the shops such as M&S, and TK-Max, where unbelievably I managed to find myself a pair of English country brogues down from £135 to £65 to £31, so that wasn't too bad after all. After a light lunch, I took her down to the studios off Quay Street. Countdown is one of Margaret's favourite TV shows, and she seems to be able to come up with much better answers than the contestants, as some of our friends from our holiday last year will no doubt remember! Today was just the same, and although I am not much good at it, at least I had the very pleasant experience of spending the afternoon at close quarters to Rachel Riley, and found no use at all for the notepad and pen that was provided!

I suppose I didn't find it that boring after all! The shows that were recorded this afternoon will be screened on Channel 4 on Wednesday 20th. Thursday 21st. and Friday 22nd. April.

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