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Monday, 28 March 2011

The baby boy arrived, safe and well!

For all the maternal types, the baby boy I mentioned yesterday, arrived safe and well this morning. He is Ethan Patrick Berry, born during the morning of 28th. March 2011, birth weight 7.5lbs. Mother and baby are very well. Our first grandchild.


  1. Congratulations Peter & Margaret!
    Becoming grandparents for the first time is pretty special. I thought my mum would burst when my first niece arrived. :)

  2. Many thanks for your message of congratulations Elly. It has been a very busy week so far, and looks to continue that way. Off to London on Friday to collect our daughter who is on a flying visit from India. (She has to call in work HQ there before coming up here). She is itching to give the baby a cuddle before she returns during next week.


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