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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Our own lambing live in Nantwich.

Well, the weekend turned out to be much better than we thought it was going to be on Friday. Today, Sunday, we have had sun and clear skies all day, and dare I say warm! It is poor old Scotland who got the heavy snow again. This weekend Margaret talked me into visiting Reaseheath Agricultural College, who were holding a lambing weekend......
We are moored on the canal main line, but have access to our mooring via a farm, whose location is right in the middle of the Cheshire dairy farming lowlands. Having now been there over two years, I am good friends with the property owner, and spend much time with him tinkering around tractors and other interesting machinery. It won't be long now before the field we cross to get at the boat will have around a dozen young heifers grazing for the summer. However, today we visited the local agricultural college, who were holding a lambing weekend event, where the general public is allowed hands on experience of their flock giving birth to the next generation.

Windsor Hall, Reaseheath Agricultural College

Margaret often watches a programme on the BBC at this time of year called "Lambing Live", well, today couldn't be any more live, and I had trouble dragging her away. We watched as various ewes went through the process of giving birth, some naturally, and some with the assistance of the students, under the watchful eyes of their tutors. There were 271 ewes due to give birth this weekend, and 175 gave birth last weekend. All animals were colour coded, green, red or yellow, as to whether they were due to have singles, twins or triplets. Each event was narrated by one of the tutors, and everybody received a handout full of information on shepherding. All interesting stuff! Here are the pictures.....

On the way in there were displays about caring for small family pets.

Then we went through a barn where refreshments were available, and college horticultural staff were making and selling hanging baskets etc.

The main lambing shed where all the action was!

A successful arrival, although a difficult, assisted birth.

These are all due this weekend.

These are ones they made earlier!

And some more!

This was "the dangerous bit"!


Intensive care!

This is the area where they await release into the fields.

Well, that was this weekends activity, I hope you enjoyed sharing it.

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