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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Three weddings, a trip to London and a baby boy!

You may have noticed that my blogging this week has been of a more, shall we say, diverse nature, rather than of time spent with the boat. The reason for this is that we have reached a time in the year when we knew we would have other events to keep us busy at weekends.....

This weekend we were at the wedding of my godson, David Ramsbottom, and his wife Lucy. The occasion took place in the beautiful surroundings of Holcombe Village, at Emmanuel Church, Holcombe. <Click>.

The weather kept fine all day, and first we enjoyed a drink in the Shoulder of Mutton which is located, handily for some nervous grooms, right next door to the church. Holcombe is a village on the West Pennine Moors, located just out of Bury, Lancashire, and is dominated by Peel Tower, a monument and local landmark, which is located on the moor overlooking the village and the towns of Holcombe Brook and Ramsbottom. <Click>. The reception was held at The Worsley Park Hotel and Country Club For general views of Manchester look at the gallery on their website.
We had a wonderful day, as I am sure everyone else did, so many thanks to Janice and Peter, Lucy's parents, and Gillian and Michael, David's parents for their hospitality.
I met Margaret on Christmas Eve 1979 after she and her friend had been in The Shoulder of Mutton, and had come down the hill to The Hare and Hounds, Holcombe Brook, <Click>,where Michael and I were enjoying our own evening out whilst Gillian was at home preparing for Christmas. We married in October the next year at Bury Parish Church, <Click>.

Congratulations to David and Lucy

Next on the list of our busy weekend, is our own son Andrew, and his wife Joanne, are expecting their first child, a boy. He should have arrived back on 17th. March, but boys being boys, has decided he prefers to stay where he is for the time being. Joanne has an appointment at the hospital today, Sunday, to get things started, so all being well we will be grand parents by early next week. I am feeling older already. We hope all goes well for you both.

Next weekend we are in London. We have tickets for The Peter Kay, (local Bolton comedian for those international readers who have never heard of him), event at The O2 Arena on Saturday evening, <Click>. Then on Sunday, our daughter, Jillian, who is currently working a twelve month assignment in India for the London based bank she works for, is making a flying visit back to the UK, so we meet her there and she will then come back here with us for a couple of days before returning abroad.

Our next wedding planned for the year, is my cousin's son Philip and his fiancĂ©e Michelle. We are looking forward to that in May, which takes place in Hook, Hampshire. Finally, we go to the wedding of Margaret's friend's daughter and her fiancĂ©. That will be November 5th in Sheffield. 

We have a busy year ahead, and we are starting to feel much older already as the younger generation start to make their takeover!  

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