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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hack Green Secret Bunker

Right at the side of The Shropshire Union Canal, at Hack Green, lies a hidden secret. This is a concrete under-ground bunker, that has played an important role in the defence of Britain from before World War 2, right up until 1993, when it was finally declassified and decommissioned. It is now a tourist attraction, and was the place we visited today.......

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Family History - Warwick Brookes 5/05/1808 - 13/08/1882

**I now have a website dedicated to The Brookes' of Manchester at:

In my last post I briefly mentioned our research into my family history, and that I was of Cornish descent on my mother's side, from humble copper miners. The history on my father's side is much more interesting. We have discovered a famous Manchester artist, (my Grt. Grt. Grandfather), with links to royalty and the then Prime Minister, W.E. Gladstone, a pioneering Manchester photographer, his sons, an actor, who later became an army Captain, a London MP, and their sister, who married a famous Victorian body builder, Eugen Sandow......

Monday, 18 April 2011

This is Audlem part 2 - The Village

If you have toured the UK by road you will have visited major towns, perhaps London, Bath, or Chester. Although each of these locations is also accessible using the inland waterway network, unless a tour of the UK is made using those waterways, you will miss lots of Britain that isn't visible from the more normal routes, including country villages that are off the beaten track. The reason for this is that the network, particularly the canals, travel through the country using corridors that have possibly not changed much in the 200 years since they were built. One of these villages is Audlem, located at the side of the Northern reaches of the Shropshire Union Canal.....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

This is Audlem part 1 - The canal

Oh what a lovely weekend again. It gets better, this weekend we have clear blue skies, sunshine and warmth, - all together! Having completed the fitting of the laminated glass to the cratch during Friday, (we came down Friday morning this week), that left us the weekend free to explore again. This week we chose Audlem, a country village by the side of The Shropshire Union Canal, about 10 miles south of Nantwich. I will cover our visit in two parts, one about the canal, the other about the beautiful village that it runs through. This is part 1....

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Antique nauticalia?

While we were in Nantwich town centre on Saturday morning, we visited, as usual, the indoor market. This houses many interesting stalls for the both of us. I enjoy the car spares, antique toys, and hardware. Margaret has different interests in the antique ceramics, haberdashery and bags. However, we both always head straight for a stall that sells general antiques and collectibles. Margaret looks at, and sometimes buys, jewellery, and I have in the past been given a beautiful 1908 Waltham Traveller pocket watch, which was in mint condition, in its own velvet lined original case, and in full working order. This was my Christmas present a couple of years ago.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Our weekend in pictures

We knew it couldn't last! We woke up to another glorious morning today, but then, just as the forecasters predicted, the clouds and rain came in. So, we decided to pack up and come home after a late breakfast. A benefit is, that I was able to go straight round to the glass merchants at home, and obtained a piece of BSI Kite marked laminated glass, cut to size, ready to install in the cratch next week. Cost? £32 all in, I was pleasantly surprised. As I forgot my smart 'phone / camera that uploads directly to my Picasa Web albums this weekend, here is our weekend in pictures, now I have been able to upload directly from the SD card from the cheap digi-cam we keep at the boat....

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The return of The Red Melon!

Ok, I know I have talked about The Red Melon Indian Restaurant on more than one previous occasion, but we have just arrived back at the boat from an absolutely fantastic meal there this evening. This was totally different, and as such I believe it more than warrants another mention.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

More painting than Picasso!

Here we are again back at the boat, and this time for an extra long weekend, maybe 'till Tuesday, to make up for lost time over the last few weeks. Spring has really arrived now, with beautiful sunny weather and warmth! However, I don't know whether it may be due to the very harsh winter we had, when the boat was covered with snow and ice for months, but this year the paintwork on the horizontal external surfaces is bubbling up and parting company with the undercoat, now the sun is on it.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Spice Village Indian Restaurant, Tooting.

Before moving on from my last post about our London visit, and back to canal boating, I will take a little more time out to review an Indian restaurant down in Tooting which we visited while we were in the area. The restaurant was The Spice Village Curry House, 32 - 34 Upper Tooting Road, Tooting, London SW17 7PD.....

Monday, 4 April 2011

That was the week that was....

...The end of a busy two weeks that has kept us away from our boat. This weekend saw us visit London again to catch up with our daughter, who flew in from her job in India for a flying visit to meet her new born nephew Ethan, and also a trip for us to the O2 arena, <Click> to see Peter Kay in The tour that doesn't tour - tour, in Manchester, London! We finished off with Sunday tea with Margaret's sister and her husband at their home near Reading. This is how it went.....