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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Problems problems problems!

Another bank holiday weekend, and this time with the more normal weather we have on these occasions - cloudy, occasional heavy rain showers and a high wind, which seems to have been a feature of the Spring weather this year. That makes cruising awkward, as soon as the ropes are cast off, the boat is off across the canal without any input from me! We had the high wind on the Sunday cruise back from Wrenbury last time we were here, and putting the boat accurately through bridge 'oles required full concentration.
I have already mentioned that the Alde central heating boiler seemed to have developed a leak behind it. There is a damp patch on the floor around it, and the header tank drains over a few weeks. I first noticed that in March, and went on the Alde website to find our nearest service centre, as I thought it might as well have one of those at the same time as the repair. Our nearest service centre happened to be Nantwich Canal Centre, but they were fully booked up, with the nearest appointment for a service visit being 9th June. I reluctantly accepted that, as we aren't using the central heating at the moment, but who would have thought they would be so busy?
We now have another problem, this time it is the Morso Squirrel stove. We use this more than the central heating, and I always keep it well maintained, cleaning it after every use,and check it over regularly. When we arrived this Friday, I noticed that the cast iron nozzle that joins the flue pipe to the top of the stove, has developed a hairline fracture. Why this has just appeared, when the thing hasn't been used in months, I don't know, but will have to be fixed to minimize the risk of a carbon monoxide leak into the living area. At least it appears to be a straightforward job, if the screws will undo. The part appears to be readily available, and costs around £35.
I don't know whether it is due to the boat reaching a certain age, (it was first used in 2004), but this year seems to have been one problem after another.

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