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Friday, 10 June 2011

Central heating boiler repair update.

Clinton at Nantwich Canal Centre contacted me today with estimates for work to get things relating to the boat's central heating up and running again. He gave me a guesstimate for a repair to the existing Alde boiler, which included making good any joinery that was disturbed in the process, at £872 including VAT. This includes only a guess at what the problem may be, once they get it out, at £200 for parts. (I had also asked for the leisure batteries to be replaced, and these are included in this price).

The other, more definite estimate was for a brand new Webasto diesel boiler, plumbed and fitted into the engine bay, and then connected to the existing central heating / hot water system. The gap where the old Alde had been in the back cabin would be reconstructed to include a doored storage space by their on site boat fitters. The leisure batteries would also be replaced, as I had requested. The total cost for this was given as £3,200 including VAT.

This is a link to the Webasto Marine Division website: <Click>.

This is a link to the Alde website: <Click>.

All things considered, such as we still don't know the exact cause of the Alde boiler leak, the fact that there is evidence of other corrosion on the front face of the water jacket, and the cost of running the thing in terms of gas, even when it is up and running, I decided to go with the new Webasto. The new boiler will run three domestic radiators and / or hot water via the calorifier.

Clinton is now making enquiries regarding parts deliveries, but the boat will be with them for the next couple of weeks.

Bearing in mind that Nantwich Canal Centre is my most convenient location to get the repair done, (I just don't have the time or the inclination to take the boat all over the country in search of other estimates). And, NCC only supply the Webasto as their favoured diesel fired boiler option, (I could have gone for a new Alde 2928 at a lower price fitted, or even had the old one repaired.) Have I made the right choice? I am sure there is a lot of opinion out there.

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