Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

At last! We have a boat again.

Last Thursday we received a call from Nantwich Canal Centre to confirm the boat was ready for collection after its minor refit. We arrived there Friday morning, and were met by Clinton, the company operations director, who arranged for someone to attend at the boat with us, first to approve the job, and second to be shown how all the new equipment operates. I really can't fault this company (other than perhaps the long wait for our initial appointment, due to them being so busy).

The job I asked for was:
1). Take out all woodwork and cabinetry around the old Alde boiler.
2). Disconnect all plumbing and remove the old (leaking) boiler.
3). Re-fit all plumbing to central heating circuit, and extend to the location of the new Webasto boiler in the engine room.
4). Install Webasto diesel boiler (Thermo Top C) in engine room, against starboard bulkhead, install Webasto timer / programmer on bedroom bulkhead.
5). Design and build carpentry to cover the site of the old boiler in the back cabin.
6). Re-fit shelves and cabinetry which had to be removed to access the old boiler.
7). Remove the old leisure battery bank and install new batteries.
8). Make good all redundant gas piping and connections to Boat Safety Scheme standard.
The quality of engineering and carpentry workmanship are first class, and now we have been shown how to operate our new central heating, it is much easier than the old gas unit. Simply push a button for on, and again for off, or pre-programme up to three timer events, and all from a panel no bigger than two inches square on the bedroom bulkhead.

There isn't much to show in the way of photographs of this job I'm afraid.


  1. Congratulations! You must be very pleased to have K-L back.

  2. Thanks! Great job - just took a long time. The company operate a small marina, Welsh Gateway hire boats, the Navigation Narrowboat Company (boat fitters) and chandlers, with franchises to BCBM boat share and a a cafe and launderette on the site.


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