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Monday, 25 July 2011


Events that I have been aware of for months now have come to the knowledge of the general public this evening. A decent and respectable family, who are visitors to our country, and had enjoyed many a canal hire boat holiday in previous years, had decided, after their retirement to enjoy our canal system in their own boat. They did all their research, took the advice of others who had experience, and eventually ordered their narrowboat to be built to the highest specifications. What they didn't bargain for was meeting what, in my opinion, must be the most despicable behaviour from a "company", (and I use that term loosely), that is (still) operating within our marine industry.

After ordering their boat from Ben Harp Narrowboats, Tom and Jan, who write the blog, NB Waiouru, found that all their careful research came to nothing in the end, when things went very wrong. What they came up against was behaviour that can only be described as criminal. In my own page "Pre-Purchase Information" on this site, I have outlined from day one the need to take all reasonable precautions when giving your hard earned cash to a boat build or purchase. This case brings home the absolute need to follow my advice. Please, all readers who may be considering buying their first boat, take notice of Tom and Jan's story. You can read their blog here:

After many months of legal wrangling and weeks of court hearings Tom finally took possession of his own boat today. This is how he got it back......

View the rest of Tom's album of horror photographs here: NB Waiouru

Tom, we wish you the very best in the successful future completion of your boat, and hope that you can now join us in the very near future cruising our beautiful canal system. We also hope you have the foresight to recognize that not all "Brits" are "tarred with this brush." I take my hat off to you both - you have conducted yourselves magnificently throughout this mess.

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  1. Very well expressed, lets hope all the decent brits get behind Jan and Tom and help them recover from this terrible injustice.

    Ben and Kelly - get ready for the long arm of the law to restrain you. Despicable actions despicable have no justification for your actions - expect the worse....


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