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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cruising Plans

Here we are approaching the autumn of 2011, and we haven't yet managed our usual long summer cruise, as our elderly dog was showing signs of deterioration towards the end of his long and happy life. We would normally leave our home mooring during the last week of July, and cruise with no particular end. This year, we had planned to visit the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals as part of this. But, as we didn't want to find ourselves in the middle of nowhere with our ailing dog, and no access to a vet, we decided to postpone this years event. As it happened, he passed away a week last Thursday, in his 15th year with us. R.I.P Pepper.

However, we do have future plans to cruise, and on canals, but with a big difference..............................
First, we have plans for Margaret to visit our daughter in India during October. They have a tour planned which will take them to Southern India, including Cochin. They will visit hill stations where tea is grown, an elephant sanctuary, and the Kerala Backwaters, where they will board their rented house-boat, complete with crew, for a few days cruising the many canals in that area. See: Kerala Backwaters.

Then, it is the big one! Last year, we made our first voyage on a cruise ship, Oriana. We had been planning to visit my cousin in Australia, but during the planning process, I noticed that, rather than fly there and back, we could incorporate a P&O cruise into the trip to get us there, which, as it happened, we enjoyed very much. I wrote a blog for P&O when we returned, there is a link to it here, see: James Cusick's Blog, Peter's Story
That cruise took us to Brisbane, where we based ourselves with my cousin, and spent 3 weeks briefly exploring Australia, before flying back via 4 days in Abu Dhabi, where we visited Margaret's cousin.

In port at Curacao, Dutch Antilles, Caribbean......

Gatun Locks, Panama Canal, Central America..........
Ashore in Acapulco, Mexico........

This year, (or next year technically, as it is January 2012), we will be back on Oriana. This time we are doing the full world circumnavigation, we enjoyed it that much! We get to visit many "off the beaten track places" this time.

Which should have included Tripoli, but in the current circumstances, this will be replaced by Naples and Malta. Most people I speak to don't realize what fantastic value a P&O cruise is. You take your own floating luxury hotel with you! Also, to do this in any other way would be prohibitively expensive. This is our planned itinerary:

05 Jan 2012
Southampton - Great Britain
Sail late afternoon
07 Jan 2012
Oporto - Portugal
Full Day
10 Jan 2012
Naples - Italy
Full Day
11 Jan 2012
Malta - Malta
Full Day
14 Jan 2012
Cairo/Giza - Africa
Full Day & evening
14 Jan 2012
Transit Suez Canal
Morning & early afternoon
15 Jan 2012
Suez - Egypt
Full Day
16 Jan 2012
Sharm El Sheikh - Africa
Full Day
21 Jan 2012
Muscat - Oman
Full Day
22 Jan 2012
Dubai - U.A.E
Full Day
25 Jan 2012
Mumbai - India
Full Day
27 Jan 2012
Cochin - India
Full Day
31 Jan 2012
Port Kelang - Malaysia
Full Day
01 Feb 2012
Singapore - Singapore
Full Day
03 Feb 2012
Phu My - Vietnam
Full Day
04 Feb 2012
Nha Trang - Vietnam
Full Day
06 Feb 2012
Hong Kong - China
Full Day
09 Feb 2012
Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei
Full Day
12 Feb 2012
Bali - Indonesia
Full Day
15 Feb 2012
Darwin - Australia
Full Day
19 Feb 2012
Whitsunday Islands - Australia
Full Day
21 Feb 2012
Brisbane - Australia
Full Day
23 Feb 2012
Sydney - Australia
Two Full Days
27 Feb 2012
Transit Milford Sound
Daytime transit
29 Feb 2012
Christchurch - New Zealand
Full Day
01 Mar 2012
Wellington - New Zealand
Full Day
03 Mar 2012
Auckland - New Zealand
Full Day
07 Mar 2012
Bora Bora - French Polynesia
Full Day
08 Mar 2012
Papeete - French Polynesia
Full Day
13 Mar 2012
Honolulu Oahu-Hawaii
Full Day & evening
18 Mar 2012
San Francisco - USA
Two Full Days
23 Mar 2012
Acapulco - Mexico
Full Day
24 Mar 2012
Huatulco - Mexico
Full Day
27 Mar 2012
Transit Panama Canal
Daytime transit
29 Mar 2012
Curacao - Netherlands Antilles
Full Day
30 Mar 2012
Margarita Island - Venezuela
Full Day
31 Mar 2012
Barbados - Barbados
Full Day
06 Apr 2012
Madeira - Portugal
Full Day & evening
10 Apr 2012
Southampton - Great Britain
Arrive early morning

This year's itinerary sees us transit both the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.

We can't wait!

We will leave family looking after our interests here, and there are plans for Narrowboat Kelly Louise, through the Autumn, which will see her used to the fullest extent. Watch this space! 


  1. Peter and Margaret, so sorry to hear about Pepper. It's a sad fact of life with pets isn't it.
    The world cruise itinerary looks amazing!

  2. Thanks for that. I should have been included in the October India trip, but had volunteered to stay at home with Pepper, as even when this was planned, it was obvious we couldn't leave him with anybody else, as not only was he showing the signs of his age, but he had diabetes for the last 5 years, which required daily injections of insulin. He was a lovely little dog, and we miss him. Looking forward though, we are really excited about the winter cruise.

  3. Peter,
    We look forward to hearing about your world cruise plan in more detail.

  4. Well Thank you Tom and Jan. Last year, before this blog, I posted to Facebook, and had a large following. However, this year Margaret has warned me I haven't to spend all my ashore time looking for free wi-fi hot spots, so we will have to see what transpires. I am taking the Android tablet with me though.


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