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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Kelly Louise Autumn Takeover.

We have now officially reached the end of Summer. We had already made our plans for this time of year, and Margaret is going to visit India during October, and I have decided to visit an ex-colleague, who shares his time between the UK and Spain, spending the Summer in the UK, and the Autumn and Winter in Spain. I will spend a week with them in Andalucia during October, flying Monarch at £110 return to Manchester! Then we will both be out of the country together for the remainder of the Winter season.

As it happens, this coincided with the requirement of Tom and Jan, who write the blog Narrowboat Waiouru. They needed another UK base while they waited for their own boat's build completion. The obvious thing was to use Kelly Louise.

Kelly Louise is a basically fitted boat, with very simple equipment set ups, which is exactly how I want it, and doesn't mean she is uncomfortable. But, Tom has specified his own boat on the other end of the scale, with technology right up there with current availability. I have asked him to write about how they get on with her on his own blog . This should make interesting reading, so click the link and read how they are able to make comparisons about life afloat with the basics against their own expectations of how it will be with their own boat in the future.

I will update my own blog with posts from the Indian canals around the Kerala backwaters, Spain, and our Winter cruise on Oriana, depending on whether I can find suitable Wi-Fi, as usual!

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