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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Trafford Centre - Manchester

Jillian is still visiting, so today we had another day out, this time to The Trafford Centre, which is not only easily accessible within 15 minutes from home off the M60, but also from the banks of The Bridgewater Canal.....

By now, after further recent development, probably the largest retail shopping mall in the UK. (Trafford Centre Information)

The luxurious interior is split into themed areas depicting locations around the world. This is the entrance to "New Orleans".
 This is the internal area under the large central dome.....
......and viewed from another angle.
This is the entrance to "The Orient", and a food hall containing about as many different types of restaurant and bar you could think of......
......from the Orient, looking out to the shopping area.
The central food and entertainment area is themed on an ocean cruise ship.....
This is the place we chose to have lunch, Pesto, Trafford Centre an Italian themed tapas restaurant. A special lunch menu is served at £6.95pp which allows any three dishes from the menu each - plenty for a lunchtime meal. I chose spaghetti bolognais, meat balls, and fried potatoes with a tomato and basil relish. The others chose ciabatta with cheese, garlic mushrooms, and tagliatelle with a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce, bruschetta with tomato, a small Marguerite pizza and arancini with saffron risotto balls with mozzarella cheese. The dishes were small tapas size, and we all shared - very pleasant too!
 The "bridge" of the ship........
......and its "entertainment" deck.

A great time was had by all - even me, who chose to sit on the benches provided outside each store, so I could watch the world go by, as the women were doing what they do best!

Next time you find yourself in the area, maybe on the Bridgewater Canal, drop in, if you have never been before, it is quite an experience.

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