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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The baby boy is growing up!

Back in March I reported that we had become grandparents when our son and his wife had their baby son, Ethan, see: <The baby boy arrives safe and well>

This was him then, in the maternity ward at Wigan:

They are currently enjoying a holiday in <Padstow> Cornwall with him, their first holiday as a family. This is him now:

Doesn't it make you feel old!


  1. Peter

    I hate to tell you this but soon you'll be blogging about Ethan's engagement :-)

  2. Yes, and that is what worries me! I am not old enough for this :-)

  3. Sweet little boy, Peter & Margaret.
    It's so strange to read about nb Kelly Louise on blog Waiouru! The first time it happened I thought I'd clicked on the wrong button!

  4. Elly, I am not old enough to have a grandson who appears to be growing up so fast! As Tom says, I will soon be writing about his engagement. As for Tom and Jan on KL, they had a logistics problem to solve, and due to other commitments, we had the means to solve it. I believe they are finding the experience of living on a boat invaluable, learning much which they can put to good use in their own design, and also spending time with other owners.


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