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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Looking forward to our winter cruise

While Tom and Jan (narrowboat-waiouru), are away cruising our boat, and hopefully having a great time, we are busy with preparations for our own winter cruise. Regular readers will know that this year this will again be on Oriana, a P and O cruise ship, on which we will circumnavigate the world between the beginning of January and the middle of April 2012, leaving from, and returning to Southampton. I know that many readers are interested in the specification of Kelly Louise, by the number of views that page gets, so, if anyone is interested, here is the specification of Oriana.

Built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, at 69,000 tonnes, the largest ship built in Germany since 1914, although present day cruise ships are built up to 100,000 tonnes, which now makes her a medium sized ship. P&O would have liked to have placed the build order with Britain, unfortunately there was no ship yard left that was capable of building a ship of such size, which is why the order was placed with Germany. She went into service with the P&O fleet in 1995 and was named by HM Queen Elizabeth. She is now the oldest, and longest serving liner in the fleet, but holds the "Golden Cockerel Trophy" as their fastest ship. When she was built, in 1995, she was the first new ship commissioned by the company, and built specifically for the British cruise market, and was owned, up until 2000, by The Peninsula and Oriental Steamship Company. In 2000 P&O de-merged its cruise ship operations, and ownership transferred to P&O Princess Cruises PLC, and in 2003, P&O merged with Carnival Corporation, Oriana's ownership being transferred to Carnival UK. Throughout these ownership changes, she has always been operated by P&O Cruises. In 2006 she was re-registered to Bermuda so that weddings could be conducted on board, and as a result, her call sign was changed to Zulu Charlie Delta Uniform 9. Following a refit this November (2011), she will become exclusive to adult passengers.

Oriana is 260 metres (853 feet) long, and a beam of 32 metres (105 feet), with a draught of a minimum of 7.9 metres (26 feet), which varies up to 8.2 metres depending on load. She has a maximum passenger capacity of 1,928, and an outside deck area of 9,800 metres square, (105,000 square feet). Power is provided by 4 MAN B&W diesels, generating a total of 47,750 kW, (around 64,000HP), giving her a service speed of 24 knots.

From my own experience of the engines, they are configured in "a father / son arrangement", where there are two pairs of engines, each with one main, (the father), and one secondary (the son). There are then an additional 4 main power generators, and propeller shaft mounted generator / motors. Depending on load, and speed requirement, some or all of the engines can be configured to run consecutively, with spare electricity output from the generators fed to the prop shaft units for absolute maximum speed. When not required, the output from the prop shaft units is fed back into the system.

Our chosen cruise will see us visit 39 ports in 25 countries, now that Libya has been replaced by Capri / Naples and Malta, while they sort themselves out there.

We can't wait!

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