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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Time Travellers

This time last year, on 23rd. September, we boarded MV Oriana at Southampton to join her world cruise as a means of travelling to Australia to visit my cousin for the first time, our first foreign holiday in over 7 years. We spent 6 weeks aboard ship, travelling West, first to Madeira, before crossing the Atlantic to our next port of call, St. Lucia.

Being a long distance cruise, it would include, on our segment at least, one equator crossing, and one crossing of the International Dateline. The equator crossings are celebrated by a lavish open air party around one of the pools, where the senior officers, including both the Captain and Deputy Captain, battle it out with "King Neptune" for permission to cross the equator. During this event, Margaret became "trigger happy" with the camera, so I used the content to compile a short video though here is a single photograph now, as Blogger still seem to have an unresolved issue with uploaded video files. (they stop working after a few hours).

Preparations for the crossing the equator party
Crossing the dateline is also interesting. Unlike doing it as part of a flight on an aircraft, life aboard ship becomes part of everyday living, and as passage is made, the clocks are adjusted by a small amount at the end of each day. This very much goes unnoticed, until the day comes when you approach the dateline. We experienced the strange effect of going to bed on Monday 25th. October, to wake up on Wednesday 27th October. Tuesday 26th. became "the day that never was".

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Whilst aboard ship, part of the daily routine is to receive an information pamphlet, which is delivered at the end of each day, to inform you of the next day's events, and other information. Above is part of the one produced for the day that never was! I also take a daily medication, which comes in a blister pack, labelled for one tablet a day, Monday to Sunday. I had one left over from this, and took it home with me. I couldn't get my head around that one. Next year, travelling East, we will gain a day, waking up in the morning of the same day we went to bed. Ground hog day or what! I suppose I had better take that left over tablet with me again.


  1. I well remember the crew dressed as Neptune and his associates giving my brother, mother and me a "dunking" in the pool and being fed foul ice cream when we crossed the Equator in 1957.
    My father didn't suffer the indignity as he had already crossed it during WW2

  2. In this case it was the Captain versus his Deputy (dressed as Neptune) who fought it out on the bar over the pool. Everything from fruit, gravy browning and flour went into the pool, including any passengers who were stupid enough to get too close to proceedings. The deck ratings had to spend all night making the area suitable for use the next day.

  3. Was the Captain still Chris Wells in September 2010 ?

  4. I'm afraid not. The Captain was Julian Burgess and the Deputy Captain was Chris Bourne. Both are shown in the video photos fighting it out over the swimming pool.


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