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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cochin - Southern India

We have now moved out of Mumbai and started our tour of Southern India, flying down to Cochin this morning. We have arrived at our beautiful hotel, and have our own driver, complete with Toyota for the duration. I still haven't worked out what side of the road they drive on here yet, as it seems it is just whichever side there is a space, and will get you to your destination the quickest. Footpaths are not out of bounds, and traffic signals are advisory! Here are today's photographs......

We are staying in a lovely hotel in the port area of Cochin, where the cruise ships stop.

If you enjoy a good curry - this is the place to come.

In the hotel restaurant

And me in the lobby

Hotel lobby, Cochin

View of down town Cochin from our hotel room

Hotel grounds and pool bar

He wasn't for playing

Cochin hotel infinity pool

This really is a hire boat! It belongs to our hotel.

The local poser in his Ferrari Tut Tut tried to pick us up

A cruise ship is in port

Complimentary afternoon tea...

...for two!

Sunset over Cochin Harbour

They also provided us with a complimentary sunset cruise

Our hotel - our room is top floor second from right

Chinese fishing nets at sunset

from a different angle

The sun sets proper...

and the evenings entertainment begins.
Tomorrow, our driver will take us on a full guided tour of Cochin. On Monday we move on. - Margaret.

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