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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Margaret's India Trip

Not much to report on the boating front, but Margaret has now arrived safely in India on her trip to visit our daughter there. Here are some photos. They are travelling to Kerala in a couple of days, an area full of canal networks. They have booked a short time on a crewed boat, so I will post pictures of that as it happens.

This is the series of pictures I have just received from today:

 A friendly roadside cow!
 Mumbai apartments, Colaba
 Taj Mahal Palace Hotel
 Gateway to India
 Ferries behind the Gateway to India
 In the lobby of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel
 Taj Mahal Palace hotel doorman
 The fort area
 Inside the Britannia Cafe Mumbai 
Shopping in Colaba Markets
Flora Fountain, Mumbai

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