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Friday, 14 October 2011

More from Margaret's India trip

Today is the first full day in India, without the need to sleep off the flight. It will be another flight to Kerala tomorrow, but here are today's pics.......
All taken around Mumbai, and a very different culture....

 Well I'm glad to see somebody is having a good time!
 Sat next to a bullet hole in Leopold's Cafe - nice!
 Inside a temple
 Street view outside the temple
 Mahalaxmi Temple Lane
 Stalls selling fruit and flowers as offerings at the temple
 Entrance to Mahalaxmi Temple
 Haji Ali Mosque in the background
 People live here
 Dhobi Ghat - main Mumbai Laundry
 Dhobi Ghat
 A train speeds through Mahalaxmi Station - note the open doors!
 On the train en route to Churchgate - looks hot!
 The Oval Maiden cricket field and High Court building
 Victoria Terminus
 Health and safety? What's that?
They turn up everywhere now don't they
 A street sugar cane and juice seller
 Making samosas...
....and then selling them. A living has to be earned!

Off to Kerala and the canals and backwaters tomorrow..........Hope this isn't ours!

Only joking!.... a composite photograph and any likeness to any genuine airline is purely coincidental - Peter.

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