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Monday, 17 October 2011

Munnar - Hill Station in the Indian State of Kerala

We have now arrived in Munnar, a hill station in the State of Kerala, surrounded by tea plantations. Since our arrival towards lunchtime it has been raining, although it didn't spoil today's planned activity, which was a hands on experience washing down elephants. Tomorrow we do some sight seeing. Unfortunately, being a remote area, there is no internet connection here, so I have been unable to post images from today's activities, although to give you an idea of what the location looks like, the following images are generic, courtesy of the Wikimedia image file library, and are subject to the Creative Commons share alike licence.....

   Creative Commons License

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More info and images at:

Munnar Hill Station (c) <kcbimal>

A nice view of Munnar (c) <Coolmallu1>
Mattupety Dam (c) <Ekabhishek>

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