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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Will soon be back to normal

I arrived home from Spain last night, and Margaret arrives home from her India trip on Friday. We have both had a great time, and in particular, I have met some new friends who are living a life which I envy, spending the Winter in the Spanish sunshine. For those who continuously cruise on the canals, I can highly recommend it - moor the narrowboat for the Winter and head off to Spain in a caravan or motorhome. Here are some images from my own trip. I will provide an album link at the end to Margaret's album as she has so many images. Many of the later ones are from the canals of the Kerala backwaters of India.
This is Southern Spain, close to Almeria:

Home from home for the Winter

The wash room facilities are immaculately clean

This is a gathering at a local Chinese restaurant

The promenade at Almeria

A break for a beer and tapas....

...and another beer and tapas, this time with a group of friends

An evening dinner for 9 al fresco

Buying in wine supplies for socializing

And it is easy to take pets with the EU pet passport
If you would like to view Margaret's India album, here is the link:



  1. We really enjoyed seeing your photos Peter. It was a pleasure to meet you, come and see us again soon !!
    Love Brian and Sheena

  2. Sheena, my thanks again to you both for helping to make my visit to Spain very enjoyable. We are now a little busy until next Summer, but perhaps one of the bungalows for a visit which includes Margaret next Autumn......? I told her all about it on Skype yesterday. We will see what transpires.


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