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Monday, 7 November 2011

Canal Cruising Indian Style

Margaret has been back from her Indian adventure for a couple of weeks now and things are starting to return to normal. We also have our own boat back, which we will now visit only a few times before the full onset of winter. The last part of the holiday in India consisted of a stay at the Vivanta by Taj Kumarakom followed by a drive to Alleppey with a cruise and overnight stay on a houseboat or kettuvallam. These were originally used to transport rice on the backwater canals, today they are mostly used for leisure, although the canals are still used in all aspects of daily life from washing, bathing, and transport.
The hotel they stayed in is located on land owned by the 19th century missionary Henry Baker, and is steeped in a 140 year old history. Here are some images of their stay in the area.

The original Baker's Bungalow

The view from the bungalow

....and the hotel pool

Joining the kettuvallam, or rice boat

the boats have a crew of 3, a driver, an engineer and a cook

The helm is at the bow

In the kettuvallam saloon...

...the galley

A close up of the bow detail

and on the canal itself

Sand being transported..... well as cars!

....and people

Canal side property

Not an unfamiliar view?

A canalside supermarket

And a kingfisher, not unlike the wildlife that can be seen on our canals

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