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Monday, 30 January 2012

A Busy week

This is our third sea day since we left Cochin en-route to Port Kelang, (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia. We are now eligible to attend the Portunus Club, (P&O's loyalty club), parties, and Saturday evening was the first one of those for us. It is simply a pre-dinner cocktail party, the difference being there are free alcoholic drinks. Then yesterday we were invited to the Captain's Luncheon for the round the world cruisers. This is also different to the luncheon that is available free to anyone in the Penninsula Restaurant, as it is held in the (normally closed at lunch time) Oriental Restaurant, with a champagne reception, and wine served throughout the meal - again free. Then, of course, there is the opportunity to dine with Captain. Today saw the Portunus Gold Member's Lunchion in the same location. I can tell you it is not easy having breakfast at 7am, a 4 course lunch at 12pm followed by another 5 course dinner at 6.30pm after an afternoon nap due to too much (free) wine!
During this passage we have also disembarked our (ex British military) armed guards to a launch that met the ship 18 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka. We stopped dead in the water, and after a few minutes we could see their launch approaching on the port side horizon. They threw their kitbags and weapons cases aboard, and as they pulled away there was a burst of spontaneous applause from the many watching passengers, accompanied by 3 blasts of the ship's horns. We are now running normally at night, with all decks open and lit. Google "Solitas Maritime Security" and visit the company website to get an insight of the newly bolstered security arrangements that are now in place in conjunction with the Royal Navy and US Forces, to combat piracy.
Tomorrow we dock at Port Kelang, followed the day after by Singapore. There is one more day at sea before we visit Phu Mai and then Na Trang, Vietnam, the day after that. Then, next week we visit Hong Kong and Brunai.
Today, there has been what is called "The O Factor", a display by all departments of the ship, to give an insight into their operations. There is one of these on each segment of the cruise, so short term passengers also get to see it. This is our second. There are displays of bed making from the housekeeping department, with the opportunity to try it youself, if you feel you are able to do it to their standard, and within the time limit - a supervisor is watching and timing! The kitchen chefs also display their ice sculptures, and fruits and vegetables carved into flowers and animals. The engineering department also have a display of how Oriana's engine room operates, complete with the offending parts that caused our earlier "technical difficulties" with one of the main engines. I have included images of this event today. Until next time...........

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