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Friday, 27 January 2012

Cochin, Southern India

Cochin - what can I say! What a fantastic place. First I must mention our hosts for the day who made it extra special for us. They are Nazeer and Achu, our Tuk Tuk drivers. They are the best drivers for a Cochin tour if you ever visit this interesting place. They are in one of the images with their Mercedes and Audi Tuk Tuks!
When we eventually left the ship after another prolonged, (and I think unexpected) battle with Indian immigration, we found our friends above, and made our way the short distance to the Malaba Hotel, a 5* Taj by Vivante establishment that Margaret had stayed in during her October visit. We enjoyed morning coffee and biscuits there (image), while Nazeer and Achu waited for us outside. The hotel boasts the most beautiful infity pool you could imagine (image). Once outside we climbed aboard our individual vehicles for a spectacular guided tour of Cochin, taking in all the tourist sights possible over a 2 hour period, getting back to the ship at around, all aboard by 4.30. We then sail for Port Kelang, (Kuala Lumpur), tonight. The weather today has been fantastic - clear, hot sun, rising to about 35 degrees in the afternoon. Being semi rural, Cochin has been a different, and in my opinion, a much more enjoyable visit than Mumbai. Until next time......

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