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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

P&O Cruises Oriana Naples

The evening entertainment after the Oporto day was the Headliner Theatre group's dance extravaganza in the Theatre Royal, then an early night ready for Sunday, the first of two at sea days before we reach our next destination which is to be Naples, Italy. Waking up on Sunday, the weather looked promising, and developed into clear blue skies and warm sunshine for our journey south towards the Staights of Gibralter and into the Mediterranian. We cleared Gibralter at around 3.00pm and passed Cabo de Gata, Spain, where I spent a week in October, at around 5.00pm. There was another sea day on Monday before arriving at Naples on Tuesday morning, acouple of hours later than planned due to rough sea conditions the evening before.
Sunday's breakfast was light, consisting only of toast and coffee. I defy anybody to eat freely on this type of holiday without putting on weight. My aim is to be static. However, lunch was taken in Al Fresco, an Italian themed restaurant, and the afternoon spent with the binoculars on the stern terrace of deck 9 (our deck), looking at the close proximity of Morocco and Gibralter on either side. The evening dress code was again black tie, and the entertainment was provided by Philip Browne, an excellent singer, who has appearances in West End shows such as The Lion King, under his belt. On arriving back at our cabin, the steward had again demonstrated her skills in towel sculptures by placing our nightly chocs on the backs of blue swans floating across the bed, (made from the beach towels kept in the shower room). Saturday night they were placed on lotus flowers made from the hand towels.
Monday dawned with a beautiful clear and sunny day with calm sea. Unfortunately, by lunchtime we had reached the Gulf of Lions and the Mistrale blowing from the north, which turned the sea quite choppy with a substantial swell, and lasted through into the evening so we gave the entertainment a miss. The theatre is located at the bow, and being an enclosed space, can be a quite uncomfortable place in rough weather. Unfortunately for the entertainers, they have to perform no matter what.
Tuesday was spent strolling around Naples, after our slightly late arrival. It is a city of interesting old buildings and manic road traffic. The weather was warm, sunny, with a very light breeze and temperature peaking at 17 degrees. The people who decided to do tours went to Pompelli and Hercullenium. Evening dress code tonight, as on most port days, is casual. Tomorrow, all being well, we should be in Malta for the afternoon.

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