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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

P&O Cruises Oriana Valletta, Malta

Today we had the opportunity to look around Malta. We came ashore at around 10.30am at Valletta, and decided to take an open top bus tour of the island. We had been given varied reports of Malta from different people. Some loved it, others loathed it. We loved it. Unlike Oporto or Naples, the streets were clean, there was no grafitti and the shops were varied, all open, and none boarded up! There are also many interesting buildings from Roman to medieval. The bonus of Malta, for us at least, seems to be that everybody speaks and understands good English, they drive on the left, and all road signage is British standard. The standard of driving and the volome of traffic are also excellent - unlike the previous two places, where you took your life into your hands just to cross at a pedestrian crossing, which seemed only to be advisory. The Weather today was bright sunshine, clear skies, and a top temperature of 17 degrees. I could spend a holiday here.
When we leave this evening, we will have a further two days at sea before we land at Port Said, Egypt. The Pyramid tours are still available, but not the ones into central Cairo. However, the tour buses have to travel the two hour journey in convoy, with an armoured vehicle both at the front and the rear, and each bus with its own armed guard. Not for us.
Speaking of armed gurads though, we have now embarked them on to the ship for our passage through the Gulf of Aden, The Red Sea, and The Indian Ocean. The Captain has briefed us, and they are here for our own safety, to supplement the anti-pirate measures that will also be in place. The ship's crew have been doing this drill for the last few days now. Until next time.......

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