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Thursday, 19 January 2012

A visit from the Royal Navy

Thursday 19th January.
0900hrs we had a visit from one of the Royal Navy ships that are operating in this area for our protection against pirates, RFA Wave Knight, a Royal Fleet Auxilliary tanker ship, see Royal Navy RFA Wave Knight. The Captain announced the liaison which was to be for a photo shoot by both parties. The Navy launched a small tender with their own photographers, a Navy helicopter flew low overhead, and there was generally lots of waving and blasting of the ship's horn, before we waived her on her way for the day. As usual, we will most likely meet up with another frigate at dusk. Read about our liaison here: RFA Wave Knight escorts Oriana Until next time....

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  1. Always good to have the navy looking out for you in risky areas. Even that tanker ship is more than capable of fending off pirates.


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