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Thursday, 5 January 2012

We are now aboard Oriana

Apologies, but no images as yet, as it has been a bit of a hectic day - remember the opening sequences in the film Titanic, - that's how it was. Hope the next bit isn't the same!
We are now aboard our cruise ship Oriana for the next 97 nights, sailing around the world, setting off East across the Mediterranian, Suez, Indian Ocean, Asia, Australasia, Pacific Ocean, Panama Canal, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and home. Part of our itinerary incudes 2 days in Sydney and 2 days in San Francisco, as well as the other 36 ports of call. The rest of today will be the "learn the correct way to drown" muster at 5pm, followed by sailaway, which includes military bands, fireworks and light shows. (From last years experience anyway). Then it will be dinner at 6.30pm (5 courses every night), show, cinema, then bed! I am currently using my Three mobile broadband as we are still in dock, but will try to update here as and when I can.

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