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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Napier, New Zealand.

A night at sea saw our arrival at Napier at 7am this morning in pouring rain. As the Captain had told us, it was a small and tight harbour for a ship of Oriana's size. We had to complete what he described as a back flip manoever, which involved stopping adjacent to the harbour entrance and reversing through to our berth, some 500 metres away with a 90 degree turn included. Thank goodness for thrusters, although two tugs were also used. The port is mainly used for logging, and we have a short journey to the town by a free shuttle bus. Now in town, it markets itself as Art Deco, after it was totally destroyed by a 1931 earthquake which involved a total rebuild of the town in the style of the time. The weather has now cleared and we are having an enjoyable day.

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  1. Napier is where my mother's parents retired to. They lived in a weatherboard house down by the port. I think it was Shakespeare Road. The earthquake certainly made a mess of the town but the subsequent Art Deco buildings drags in the tourists.


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