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Sunday, 12 February 2012

P&O Cruises, Bali 2012

Another very disapointing visit! Again our destination port was changed at short notice. The reasons given in the Captain's announcement were that shuttle buses could not be used at the planned port, and the only means of transport available was taxis at our own expence, and that would be unacceptable to P&O. Well, Captain Camby, you just dropped us all at another place with no shuttle buses, no public transport and taxis costing $50 US to take us to the nearest place of interest 15km away, with no certain way of getting back. There is nothing at all here except 1 stall in the port building selling over priced tat! Outside the port gates is nothing but highway, no buildings! To cap it all we passed a lovely beach resort with jetties on the way in by tender, which, by the way, were not worth the effort of launching. I have heard nothing but complaints from other passengers, and I hope they keep you busy for days! Next stop Darwin, Australia, surely that can't be messed up, lets wait and see.........
I have subsequently found out that the trial of one of the alleged Bali bombers was due to start in Jakarta the day after our visit to Bali. The whole of Indonesia was locked down with security, and I now believe this to be the reason why we were unable to dock at our planned destination. I also believe the Captain was unable to divulge the true reason, also for security purposes. At the time of our visit the ship's passengers consisted of 50% Australians, whose country was the one most affected by the atrocity. It simply would not have been a good idea to have them wandering around the island independently at that time.


  1. Hi Peter, We really appreciate your honest view of your world cruise as its something we hope to do in the future, we have heard from others having similar problems to you and will follow with interest what the outcome may be? Keep up the great blog, we are thoroughly enjoying reading about your world travels. Regards Doug

  2. Did you do the $50 US taxi trip ? A refund sounds in order me thinks. Just pass the Captain a link to this blog page :)

  3. Hi Guys
    We received a request today from the chief engineer of the Oriana. They are looking for parts for the gearboxes on one of the tenders that has sustained some damage.
    Still strange weather in Sydney warm to hot and wet!!!

  4. Andrew, no we certainly didn't pay the taxi $50 we just spent 10 minutes ashore and returned to the ship, as did everybody else who hadn't bought an excursion!
    Paul, we saw that one of the tenders had broken down in Bali, they had to raft two together to get it back to the ship. We'll well well!


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