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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sea days

We are now on our second day at sea since leaving Brunei en-route to our next destination port, where we will arrive early tomorrow morning. We crossed the equator in the early hours, and today there is another spectacular outdoor BBQ, provided completely free of charge, at the side of one of the central swimming pools, while at the other, there is a "crossing the line" party being held, where the ship's crew battle it out with "King Neptune" for permission to cross the equator. The temperature is again hot, and measured 27 degrees in the shade at 8.00am. Many people have asked what there is to do whilst at sea, and if it ever gets boring. While I can assure them that it never gets boring, I will outline a few of the activities available from today to give you an idea. Alternatively, if you wish, you can of course just laze the day away with a cool glass of something by the pool, or on the aft terraces.
On board we have very luxurious facilities, that, in the main, can all be used with no additional charges. There is a fully equipped Gymnasium, a 650 seat, fully equipped theatre, a 300 seat cinema, a show lounge bar, a dance lounge, equipped with the largest dance floor in the fleet, a relaxing oak panelled lounge with the ambience of a London gentleman's club, and many other plush lounge areas where you can meet and chat with friends over a drink. Todays dress code for the evening is "smart". That means jacket required. Last night it was black tie, and the night before was evening casual - tailored trousers and open kneck shirt. If you have no wish to dress for the evening, all that is required is that you refrain from attending certain bars and lounges, and the main restaurants. There are at least two other restaurant options and bars where there is no dress code requirement.
The film at the cinema today is "Source Code", a science fiction movie. This is shown all afternoon and evening at intervals. There are also various entertainment channels that can be enjoyed on the TV in your own room, along with satellite news and sport. There is also a large screen TV, screening sporting events in Lord's Tavern, a sports themed pub.
Throughout the day, there are guest speakers, some famous personalities, lecturing on all sorts of topics. There are dance classes, language classes, art and craft classes, bridge classes, pilates........,the list is endless, and all included in the price. There are several venues with live music, from jazz, to swing to classical to light piano background music. This evening, as usual, there will be entertainment in the the theatre after each dinner sitting. There are regular top name artists from TV brought on to the ship to perform at this particular venue, again, all included. All this is included at a price that equates to under 100 pounds per person per night. Where else could this be found, as well as getting to visit many exotic locations around the world. Top value in our book, and certainly not boring. We will be in port again tomorrow, this time it is the island of Bali, and then only 9 weeks left.........!

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