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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Auckland, New Zealand.

We are now at Auckland, our last port of call in New Zealand before we head off across the South Pacific Ocean towards our next destinations, the islands of Bora Bora and Tahiti. There is a storm forecast for the daytime here today, so to avoid potential docking problems, the Captain decided to make a dash for port yesterday evening, and we were safely alongside by 9.30pm, giving those who wanted it an unexpected night out in town. We are berthed at Princes Wharf Cruise Terminal, adjacent to the Hilton Hotel with very easy access to the city. As yet. 10am, there is no sign of the storm, just the odd shower interrupting the sunshine occasionally. Known as the city of sails due to its strong boating connections, you will also find many a bargain used vessel, as the journey here is often so challenging for the amateur, they often prefer to sell up here rather than attempt the sail home again! We sail for Bora Bora at 8pm, with 6 days at sea, doing the same day twice tomorrow as we cross the dateline. Groundhog day or what!

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  1. Oh the "Civic Theatre". I went there as a boy and thought the interior decore fascinating! OK.... so did you "bungy jump" from the top of the Sky Tower? :-)


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