Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Monday, 19 March 2012

San Francisco, USA.

The last four days weather has sorted out the seafarers from the landlubbers! It has gradually deteriorated into a storm force 10 on the final approach to SF. The Captain made a detour two days ago to come around the back of the storm, which had been progressing south down the western seaboard of the USA, and this was the calmer option. This sector ends in SF, and here are some facts and points of interest from it. The passage from Auckland has been split into 3 blocks of four days at sea, separated by ports of call. The sea depth in places has been up to 5km! We enjoyed the Platters for a 1 night show on Thursday, where they performed all their old hits such as Smoke gets in your eyes and The great pretender. Captain Robert Camby, who leaves us in SF, made himself available for photos with passengers during Friday evening, then later took part in the evening's entertainment as team leader in an edition of give us a clue. In his thirties, he is a young Captain on his first command, but the best cruise ship Captain you could wish for. Michael Howard, former leader of the Conservative Party, joined us in Honolulu, with his wife Sandra, and sat with us for breakfast on Friday. Finally, the movie last night was The Artist, the very recent silent film that swept the board at The Oscars. It is well worth seeing. Our entry into SF Bay was difficult with strong currents, high winds, and a huge swell, which caused much damage to plates and mugs in the conservatory restaurant just as breakfast was starting. Everything ended up on the floor. A combination of the Captain and pilot's skill and 3 tugs resulted in us safely alongside pier 35 by 8.30am on Sunday. The weather is again fine and sunny, although windy, with a temperature of only 12 degrees. We have spent today in Sausalito and on Pier 39 tourist area. Tomorrow we will take a streetcar in to town, and see some of the sights made famous by movies and TV. We leave for Mexico at 8.00pm Monday evening.

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