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Friday, 9 March 2012

Seeing double sailaway

My sincere apologies to those who thought they had double vision after reading the post on Tahiti, and the comments on Bora Bora! The thing is, from 3.30pm this afternoon we had the most spectacular sailaway party on aft deck 9, and I put my Tahiti post together after I left that, and I can assure you, the reader, that it wasn't you who was seeing two identical images, it was the effects of too many blue lagoon cocktails on me!
Since the November 2011 refit, in which Oriana's stern was modified to accommodate some extra cabins in place of childrens facilities that are now no longer needed, it appeared that the aft deck 8, and the terraces would no longer be used for parties, as it was intended that this area would be kept as a tranquil space. The outdoor parties had been moved to the Riviera deck at the top centre of the ship. So far this has proved unpopular with passengers, and today, for the first time, with the permission of our fine Captain, Robert Camby, the sailaway was again held on the aft terraces. What a humdinger it was! If P&O read this, then please take note. The atmosphere for an event like this in this area can't be beaten.
Anyway, here are some more images of Tahiti, one of which is the one that should have been published earlier. Also shown is an image of Captain Camby grimacing at my magnificent drum beating that I showed earlier! Note the similarity to John Travolta? After leaving Tahiti, we picked up speed to maximum cruising speed, 22 knots, once we were back in open water, en route for Honolulu.

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  1. OK So now I am long did we wait for that aft deck sail away !!! Robyn and Bill.


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