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Friday, 6 April 2012


After five fine weather days at sea crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Barbados, we have now arrived at our final port of call, Madeira, located off the coast of north west Africa. The island enjoys a year round temperate climate, with a fairly constant temperature between 60 and 70 degrees, with ample rainfall, which allows a lush landscape. It is often referred to as the island of flowers, and is home to the famous Madeira wine. Our visit today is to the capital, Funchal, and as it is Good Friday, much of it is closed. This has not affected our visit, as there are still many attractions operating, such as The old Blandy wine lodge, where the local offerings can be sampled, the famous toboggan ride, and of course the Reids hotel, the haunt of many famous visitors such as Michael Cain, Joan Collins and Sir Winston Churchill. Our visit here is a full day and evening, sailing for Southampton at 10.30pm, which will allow us to see the beautiful bay of Funchal, as it is illuminated after dark, a sight not to be missed. We have also been able to meet friends during the evening, who are currently on holiday on the island. When we leave here we have three final days at sea before arriving back at Southampton on the 10th of April. We would love to stay aboard here, as I am sure some are, for Oriana's next cruise, a 16 night trip to the central Mediterranean, but I suppose all good things must come to an end. For anyone planning their own first world cruise I will put together a full review of our own general experiences of this P&O Cruises world cruise once we are home. Then it will be back to narrowboating matters!

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  1. Hi Peter and Margaret, Its been great to follow your world cruise and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences in the future, welcome back home!


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