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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

It's blacking time again

After spending another relaxing weekend at our on line mooring, in what turned out to be unexpected fine weather, we cast off the lines on Sunday for the short journey to our local marina, where KL was booked in once again for hull blacking.

It has been two years and six months since she was last blacked (by us) in September 2009, again at the same marina. This is the most convenient location for us to have the job done, and I also like their method of removing the boat from the water, which is a custom built dolly on a slipway - all nice and gentle, with no stress.

Our journey to the marina was completed in high cross winds, which didn't bother us too much, until we actually entered the marina entrance, to pull up alongside the internal fuelling and pump out dock, whilst I asked at the office where they would like her berthed. I came alongside in the conventional manner, but, due to the high wind that was hitting us broadsides, it was almost impossible to tie her off before she was blown out again. It was just too much for the both of us to hold. A second attempt saw the centre line tied off though. We then had to move her again, and negotiate her into one of the pontoon berths, which I managed at first attempt this time.

Gone are the days when I would contemplate a DIY job of this nature, and am happy to pay the £600 cost, which includes taking out, and putting back in the water, a high powered jet wash, two coats of International Paints standard bitumen blacking, and a week's stay at the marina. The tell tale rust bubbles had started to appear along the waterline, indicating that it was time to do the job again, and she should now be good for another two years with the standard paint. Like others, this marina offers many boatyard services, including a full grit blast back to bare metal, and two pack blacking, which I may consider as KL approaches 10 years old or so.

We will collect KL next weekend, and then it is time to consider a major engine and gearbox service. I have a recommended mobile engineer lined up for that - one job at a time.

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