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Friday, 20 July 2012

CPS now told to think of cost before bringing charges

I despair! The UK Crown Prosecution Service, (CPS), the agency who operates in conjunction with the Police Service to bring criminals to justice have now been given guidance from the powers that be. A consultation paper into this states that:

"prosecutors must consider ‘the cost to the prosecution service and the wider criminal justice system, especially where it could be regarded as excessive when weighed against any likely penalty."

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According to a Daily Mail article today, see: this could see junior gang members being let off scot free. A source gave this as an example:  ‘There may be cases – for example where a court might convict a defendant but decide not to record that conviction by giving an absolute discharge – where police officers or prosecutors might anticipate that a prosecution is not a proportionate way to approach the criminality.’

The CPS already operate on a balance of probability of success before bringing charges, and the decision to charge an offender has been removed from the Police for years.

I spent much of my time during the 80's and 90's bringing offenders to justice, but decided to opt out of the system when the paperwork and red tape I had to encounter on a daily basis started to take longer to process than it took the offender to re-offend! I dread to think where this might now take us, but surely can't be right.

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