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Monday, 30 July 2012

Murphy's Law strikes again

It was always our intention to stay at Grindley Brook for 48hrs, because we wanted to spend some time tidying the boat, and we are in no particular hurry. As we would be having another overnight stay without travelling I decided to run the engine for a couple of hours after 10am when everybody else had left the moorings. About half an our in, I heard a 'flapping' noise coming from the engine bay, which speeded and slowed with the speed of the engine. A quick look under the hatch revealed a portion of the alternator belt had parted company. Stopping the engine revealed that it was starting to disintegrate.
It was only in March I had the domestic alternator replaced, and the belt was checked as fine then. I then had the engine serviced in June, and again it checked out OK. So, why would it choose now to self-destruct? Age appears to be the reason, I should have changed it at service time! Another call to River and Canal Rescue had everything working as it should within an hour of my initial call, thanks to Paul and Dave at Maestermyn Marine who were called out by RCR. (Reminder to myself to keep a spare belt in future!) Dave checked everything out as OK, fitted the new belt and it's up and running again. (The electrics after last year's fiasco, are now once again working fine, with two overnight stays not a problem).

Next, it was just as well we were staying again overnight, as the canal has been closed all morning, and remains closed as I write, because someone has sunk their boat in Quoisley Lock, which has poor access should lifting equipment be required. Latest estimate from the Grindley Brook lock keeper is canal to re-open at 4pm-5pm, but that could make tomorrow busy.

Hopefully all will be once again right for our departure tomorrow morning, (Tuesday).


  1. A good point Peter. I must remember to carry a spare for each belt.

  2. Is the boat removed now ?


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