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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lady drivers

This is a first in 32 years of boating together!

And even passing an approaching boat
This is Margaret's comfort zone. Note the boat's heading to compensate for the strong bye-wash.

We had another great time this weekend entertaining friends of my brother at the boat. We did our usual visitors trip to Wrenbury, which included an overnight stay for us, just the other side of the electric lift bridge, right outside the Dusty Miller where we had a table for eight booked for the evening. Our guests arrived around lunchtime on Thursday where we provided a buffet lunch at the mooring, before I took the two car drivers down to the Dusty's car park so they could all leave for home from there later. Arriving at Wrenbury at about 4.00pm, we all sat enjoying a drink on the Dusty's new balcony before dinner at 6.30. 
Although looking at his tiller, evasive action may have been taken!

As usual we stayed overnight, and as can be seen above, a world first took place on the way back. In all our years of canal and river boating together, Margaret has always refused point blank to take the helm. She not only prefers the social aspects of lock operation, but has always said she couldn't stand the potential 'ear ache' off me if anything happened to the boat while she was in control, (or not, as the case may be)! The above smile is totally false, as I had left the tiller to her with no option to refuse, while I took the photo. When I'd done she appeared happy enough to stay there, and even managed to remain at her station even when another boat approached in the opposite direction. However, this news worthy event only lasted a couple of minutes before control was handed back to me. We see couples sharing all tasks all the time, but it looks as though I will remain at the helm while she continues with the locks.

This is how KL looked after I had spent the previous week cleaning and polishing for the arrival of her visitors. All that work won't go amiss, and she is now prepared for the onset of Autumn and then the Winter.

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  1. It's really enjoyable journey and I was reading it interestingly. The above images are so cool particularly yours one.


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