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Monday, 24 September 2012

Is it me?

Is it me.......?

Or am I missing something? Today I received the umpteenth email from C&RT that yet again the pump out facility at Wheaton Aston, which had been closed yet again for the last four days had, yet again re-opened to normal service today. The cause of the closure.........?

Cloth material found within the workings causing a blockage.........YET AGAIN!

It appears to me that valuable resources are being wasted on a weekly basis by intentional or unintentional vandalism at these valuable facilities. The last time we used a C&RT pump out facility, (at Grindley Brook), it cost £15 for a card to use the equipment. So, either the vandals are buying cards to do their deeds, or have found a way to by-pass the system in order to get their rags in there to block it.

I suspect that none of that applies, and the cause is more likely to be miss-use by so called legitimate users, i.e. boat owners. So, perhaps, if a little more care is taken when using these facilities, perhaps even read the instructions, then the cash saved in deploying a call-out team and making repairs can be put to better use. 

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