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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

An Eventful Weekend!

What an eventful weekend we have had!

We arrived at the boat on Friday as usual, and I spent the day fitting a timber gate to our new fence that separates us from the farmer's field.

Saturday morning was spent walking around Nantwich as usual, and we had a lazy afternoon on the boat, deferring the trip to Swanley Marina to empty the waste tank for the winter until Sunday. Unfortunately for me at least, Sunday at the boat never arrived.

At about 8.30pm on Saturday night, we were sat in our recliners watching TV, when I commented to Margaret that my left eye was stinging, and I had blurred vision. As she came over to me she noticed I couldn't answer her any more, and I had no control over any of my right hand side, with a dropped mouth. Luckily she knew what was happening, and rang 999 for an ambulance immediately. I was having a transient ischaemic attack (TIA), better known as a stroke. The event lasted around 10 minutes, and by the time the paramedics arrived, I was completely back to normal with no apparent lasting weakness, as the medical people call it. I was able to walk across the field to the waiting ambulance, luckily as it happens, as we dread to think how they would have extracted me otherwise. I was taken to Leighton Hospital between Crewe and Nantwich. Whilst on the ambulance stretcher waiting to be seen by A&E staff, it all happened again, this time lasting around 25 minutes. I was taken immediately into 'resus', where initial tests were carried out. The upshot is that I was admitted to the acute stroke ward of the hospital, wired up like a Christmas tree. Over the weekend I have had a CT scan, (negative), a chest X-ray, (negative), two electro cardiograms - (both good results), a Carotid Doppler ultrasound scan of the neck arteries, (both good results) - I am glad about that result, as if they were the cause, I would still be there now having surgery. However, they could find no apparent cause, except they are sure it was a result of a moving blood clot as opposed to a bleed in the brain, which would have shown on the CT scan.

Two TIA's in close proximity apparently placed me at very high risk and in a dangerous situation.

I have now been discharged from hospital, but can't drive for at least a month, and have been ordered to take things easy. I have also been prescribed additional stroke risk management drugs, but luckily, don't appear to have suffered any long term disabilities as a result. As such, we have now winterized the boat, and will not return there until at least January. It will be looked after by our mooring owner.

Not the best weekend at the boat we have ever had, but take heed.......Enjoy life to the full now, because in the time it takes to 'flick a switch' all that could change forever.


  1. Hi Peter
    Bit of a shock mate, glad it all turned out ok in the end.

  2. Wow a lucky escape! I had a similar thing last Christmas. I occluded a vertebral artery getting into funny positions in a cupboard trying to fit a hob. Worst part for me was the wharferin couldn't get on with it at all.

  3. Glad to hear you are OK Peter it must have been quite a shock to you both. Time to rest up and get all those Chrissy Prezzies sorted!

    1. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. I am pretty much back to normal now, if there ever was such a condition! Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again.


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