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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Images of Ventura

Well, here we are on our last day aboard Ventura, and in the middle of our passage of the Bay of Biscay, which is relatively calm today. For those interested in technical matters, Ventura, launched in 2008, is the second newest in the P and O fleet. Her sister ship, Azura, being slightly newer. They are both around 116,000 tonnes, 950 ft long and 150 ft wide, making them the largest, although the company currently have a new ship in build, due to come in use in 2015 that will be 155,000 tonnes. Ventura uses conventional forward / reverse gearing, as opposed to Oriana's constant prop directional rotation with variable and reversible pitch props. Ventura's propulsion motors are also all electric, drawing power generated from six diesel generators that also provide the power for the rest of the ship. Fuel consumption equates to a mind blowing 96 gallons to the mile! She has a 3000 passenger capacity, served by around 1400 crew. I have included a few images around the public areas here. This cruise has been fabulous, and in food and entertainment, everything that our world cruise on Oriana earlier this year, should have been. However, in the very rough overnight seas, a large 3" crack opened up across the deck at Breakers bar, causing glass to be displaced in the fence both there and below, so I am wondering if the next cruise will be affected.

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