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Friday, 12 October 2012


Berthed at Civitavecchia today, about one and a half hours out of Rome, so another excursion booked here. Yesterday, a tender port, went very smoothly. The tenders are of a catameran hull design, and being much newer than Oriana's, are noticably much smoother, particularly the engine and gearbox. Ventura is a huge ship and has many more facilities than Oriana. Even the main theatre, which is not only much bigger, is also much better equipped technologically, so the shows can be more sophisticated. Another noticable difference is that the drinks waiters are also equipped with hand held cruise card scanners, which simplifies the ordering process. Today's tour is 'an introduction to Rome', which includes external visits to the Forum and the Colliseum, with the afternoon free to do our own thing. Weather cloudy, 70 degrees.

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  1. It doesn't look as if they have repaired the place since we were there 20 years ago. Still ruins I see! :-)


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