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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ventura's Cracked Deck

The following is my own report, including images I took during the very early morning after the night the damage occurred, of a large crack that opened up on the P&O Cruise ship Ventura during a very rough night passage of The Bay of Biscay during October 2012. The damage occurred in the upper sun deck that surrounds the central pool area, on the port side. The crack extended through the whole deck on that side, including the large beams that support it from the underneath. A later press report from the company states that the deck was of an alloy construction and didn't affect any of the structural integrity of the ship. After I took these images the damage was totally concealed by tarpaulin.

Vertical sides also cracked through

Taken from below the deck

Displaced window below the damaged deck

Sun beds used to cover the crack

This is the crack that opened with a bang in rough seas last night! It is near a weld, but not the weld, and runs the whole width of the deck. All the deck support girders underneath, including a large RSJ, were also broken clean in two along the length of the damage. A bit of a problem I suspect!

22nd October 2012 update. A P&O Cruises press announcement states that the damage is to an aluminium deck, and does not compromise structural integrity. Inspections were made once back in Southampton, and the ship sailed on schedule on its next cruise.

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