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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A democratic process.

I have just received this notification from the CRT about their plans for the reconstruction of the major breach of the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Aside from the issues of financing this extraordinary event alongside the more normal planned Winter maintenance, I am so far impressed with their consultation process so that any work they do, which will inevitably cause some disruption, will be done in the best interests of all whom it concerns.

This is what they have said:

Between Middlewich Big Lock 75 and Lodge Lane, Bridge 213 Preston Brook

Tuesday 25 September 2012 until further notice.

UPDATE (07 November 2012): Following our update and request for comments about proposed changes to the stoppage programme, the resulting feedback has been reviewed and the most favoured option is that of option 4 with the Anderton lift stoppage brought forward to before Christmas and the cancellation of the Wincham flood gate works.

Of 17 consultation responses received 13 made this their preferred option.

Taking this forward we will now make the necessary updates and stoppage arrangements to match the outcome of the consultation. The lock stoppages at lock 71 and 67 will run for three weeks starting on the Monday 11th.  February 2013 and finishing on the evening of Friday 1st. March 2013.

As described in the consultation the full gate stoppage at Lock 67 would be removed, however a short duration stoppage would be carried out in parallel with Lock 71, during which time preparatory works including new stop plank grooves would be completed. This would enable a ‘quick gate change’ at a later day if the need arose. At Lock 71, the full gate replacement will be carried out, but the works will be both concertinaed by working 7 days and longer shifts to a shorter duration (3 weeks envisaged), with a later start date as described above.

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking all the people who responded to our consultation.

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