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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Guy Martin: Building Britain

For anybody who enjoyed Guy Martin's 'The Boat that Guy Built' last year, Channel 4 have just aired a similar series which I watched tonight. The subject of this episode was the re-building of the working replica of a Thomas Newcomen beam engine that was used to pump water from the coal mines that fired the industrial revolution, and, as expected, was in typical Guy Martin / Fred Dibnah style.

Next weeks episode explores the supporting industries of the era, including deep sea fishing for cod to supply the popular staple of the workforce of the time - fish and chips, now known as the world's first 'fast food'.

The programme goes out on Channel 4 at 8.00pm Sundays, details can be seen here: Guy Martin:Building Britain.

Anyone with an interest in the working canal era should enjoy this, which, although presented in a light hearted manner, appears to take the history more seriously than his exploits on NB Reckless.

Translations of Guy's dialect will be charged at a nominal fee!

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