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Friday, 15 March 2013

A Test Run

Tonight we visited an Indian restaurant that is local to us, Rani in Atherton, not just to prepare our taste buds, but also to test my mobile blogging systems prior to our arrival in India this time next week. We also enjoyed a lovely meal!


  1. Peter,
    I assume you mean the mobile blogging program on your tablet rather than the network......? Will you be able to get network coverage for your tablet in India?


    1. Hi Tom, After much research during our previous world travels, where I had with me tablets for free wi-fi, smart phones and laptops, I have concluded that by far the simplest and cheapest method of blogging throughout the world is to set up blogger to publish my emails to my website immediately, before leaving home, then use my relatively basic 2G Nokia 6300, using Vodafone PAYG with passport activated. I take the images on its 2MP camera, then attach them to my email app on the phone in my pocket before pressing send. Experience tells me I can send up to 3 images and text efficiently from the most out of the way places, even India. The cost is also the cheapest at £2 for 24hrs use, midnight to midnight, (UK time), in Europe, and £3 (or it was that last time we were away) for the rest of the world, except USA. Once opened, access is then inclusive in the price for the rest of the day, as long as 25mb isn't exceeded. Additional usage over and above is charged extra, but I have never managed to come near to exceeding it yet on 2G. I have blogged from park benches and beaches all over the world like this, even mid-ocean on a ship, connected to it's satellite GSM communications system! This is what I tested last night. I clicked an image, attached it to email, subject line is blog title, a little text typed, press send, and it is published immediately. I have found that 2G is available in most places, where 3G is often not. Connecting in this manner, where the phone is only connected to data for the time you use it, and charged a fixed fee for 24hrs use is by far the cheapest way of doing it. All my blog posts from our last world cruise were posted in this manner.


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