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Monday, 25 March 2013


The plan gets better! We arrived at our first Taj Group hotel at lunchtime. Jill lived in the Mumbai Taj President for the whole of 2011, and used their other hotels throughout India for her private excursions, including this one. As we approached today, our driver had rung them to expect us. As we arrived at the gate, the two uniformed and armed guards stood to attention and saluted as we passed. We were then greeted on the steps by the local manager, who was accompanied by a hotel receptionist, who took all the registration formalities off us, as the manager sat us down to greet us. He remembered Jill! As he showed us around and into the restaurant for lunch, our luggage was taken from the car to our rooms. After lunch we went to freshen up to find we had been allocated adjoining suites, overlooking the Taj Mahal! We came down at 2pm, and met our new local guide for today and tomorrow. We then all departed in our car to visit the two attractions, the other being Agra Fort. Unfortunately I had flattened my phone battery during the trip here, so images will have to wait until we get home. I did manage a distance shot from our room at dusk for now. An amazing place.

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