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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mumbai, a tale of two cities

Today we were up early again so we could meet up near to Regal Cinema, and Adamis leather store, with our tour guide from Reality Tours. We had booked a long walking tour of the Dharavi slums. Our 5 hour tour started in the usual manic drive across town, in an air conditioned people carrier, first to Dhobi Ghat, which is an open air hand laundry. Then it was on to the commercial side of the slum, where anything and everything can be manufactured or re-cycled without a hint of our Western health and safety legislation. Then it was on to the area of the slums where more than a million people live, with minimal facilities. For example, there are only 70 odd public toilets for them, and one is likely to have upwards of 2000 uses per day, with frequent blockages. There are open sewers, and only the odd drinking water tap, that frequently dispense black water. We made our way through passage ways no wider than 2 foot 6, and 6 foot high, with all of the aromas you would expect. Our young guide was extremely knowledgeable, and spoke very good English. The tour company provides community initiatives and education to the tune of 80% after taxes, from their profits. All in all, well worth doing, and it makes you realize just how lucky we are with our lot, as in the image above, sat around the hotel pool for lunch. Time for another nap for me now while Margaret and Jill make their way back into town for further exploration, hands held high as you walk into the busy traffic to cross the roads. The P and O cruise ship Aurora docks here tomorrow - that should be fun!

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